Braoudakis Family Traditional Houses

Braoudakis Family Traditional Houses

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The luxurious, traditional houses are fully equipped and the tenant can make himself at home, taking advantage of the warmth and the comfort provided. Every residence consists of two bedrooms with seperate toilets, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room.

The comfortable kitchen is the ideal place for the members of the family themselves or in company with their friends. Fruit and vegetables are supplied by the family garden, honey, oil and wine by the family yield.

The furnishing of both bedrooms available in each residence is a reproduction of the furniture which is exchibited in the family museum. The curtains, the embroideries and the other articles of fine quality the rooms are spread with make the tenants drift into the good old times when the people used to seek satisfaction from the simplicity and the genuineness of the residence.

The hand-made woodvut living room, the traditional curtains, the tablecloths are similar to the exhibits found in the family's museum. As they blend well with the traditional fireplace the tenant is enveloped by a snug family warmth.